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Abbey, Jacob *LuceLakefield TwpRoats Rd48-23B
Acker, WilliamLuceColumbus TwpVillage of McMillan48-11B
Anderson, Hilma *LuceColumbus TwpM-2848-14B
Archambeau, Al??mLuceLakefield Twpoff M-2848-27B
Ballor, JosephLuceColumbus TwpVillage of McMillan48-13B
Beckwith, Jack *LuceLakefield TwpE Lakefield48-26A
Biber, EmilyLuceLakefield TwpE Lakefield48-26A
Bidwell?, ThomasLuceLakefield TwpM-13548-25A
Blaisdale, Joyce *LuceColumbus TwpVillage of McMillan48-13B
Blankinship, WilliamLuceLakefield TwpM-2848-28A
Bodette, JeffLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-24B
Bosler, Charles HLuceLakefield TwpM-13548-25A
Bowler, FrankLuceLakefield Twp       M-9448-21A
Bowler, HerculesLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-24A
Bowler, WilliamLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-21A
Bowler, Sidney *LuceLakefield TwpM-9448-21B
Braley, Bernie? *LuceColumbus TwpVillage of McMillan48-13A
Braley, CharlesLuceColumbus TwpVillage of McMillan48-12B
Braley, RobertLuceColumbus TwpVillage of McMillan48-12B
Braley, RobertLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-25A
Brandenburg, HenryLuceColumbus TwpM-2848-15A
Brennan?, Alan?LuceColumbus TwpRiver Rd48-15B
Brow, AlexLuceLakefield TwpRoats Rd48-23A
Brow, RaymondLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-22B
Brow, Thelma *LuceLakefield TwpRoats Rd48-23B
Brow, WilliamLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-22B
Brown, EdmundLuceLakefield TwpM-2848-27A
Brown, FrankLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-24A
Bruyn, LeonLuceLakefield TwpE Lakefield48-26B
Bruyn, Sylvia *LuceLakefield TwpE Lakefield48-27A
Bryers, CharlesLuceLakefield TwpM-2848-27A
Bryers, FloydLuceColumbus TwpVillage of McMillan48-13A
Bryers, Robert JrLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-24A
Bryers, Robert SrLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-24B
Bryers, Robert WLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-24B
Bryers, Vern *LuceColumbus TwpVillage of McMillan48-12A
Bryers, WilliamLuceLakefield TwpM-9448-24B
Burton, DelbertLuceLakefield TwpE Lakefield48-26A
Burton, JohnLuceLakefield TwpE Lakefield48-26B
Burton, Monna *LuceLakefield TwpE Lakefield48-26B
Busch, Grace *LuceLakefield TwpRoats Rd48-23B