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Luce County Queries

Alissa Smith Wed Oct 15 1997
hi all...i am looking for any information on a loran NELSON..he was born in newberry michigan oct 20, 1919 and died there as well august 2, 1976. fathers name was everette NELSON and mothers name was pauline NELSON maiden name BRAUSEAU..trying to find any ancestrial information..i am his daughter but have never met him..any information on here will be greatly appreciated...

Peggy Thorner Fri Oct 10 1997
HURLBRETT (HURLBURT) GRACE B. Maiden Name: THORNER Born: July 16, 1894 Married: Russell Hurlbrett or Hurlburt He was suppose to have been mayor of Newbury, MI Children: Durwood Thorner b. Feb.5, 1910 Fathers Name: Wm. Edward Thorner Mothers Name: Martha Newell I would like to know when she died & where she is buried. Also a copy of her death certificate.

Donna Parlette Tue Oct 7 1997
My grandfather ALEXANDER WYLIE was born in Dollarville in 1887 to THOMAS WYLIE and JESSIE E. (SPRAGUE) WYLIE. The clerks office tells me they have no record of his birth. What other records can I search to find his birth record?

Carol A. McKellar Mon Aug 25 1997
Seeking info on CHARLES S. MCPHERSON. Believe his wife (maybe 1st) to have been HENRIETTA SPEACE/SPEAS who died June 16, 1932 in Gould City, Mackinac Co., MI. Did CHARLES remarry a woman named NELL? I have one CHARLES STUART MCPHERSON who died April 3, 1934 in Portage Twp., Mackinac Co., MI but not certain this is the husband of HENRIETTA. Thanks Carol

Michele Howell-Dipert Mon Aug 18 1997
****Searching for JOHN LABLANCE, and wife Gertie LaBlance... Please help me: I only know my grandfather who was 1/2 Chippewa Indian and 1/2 French was born in the U.P. of Michigan. Parents were: Sophia VINCENT of Charlevoix, MI (Chippewa/Ojibway Indian) Joseph LaBlance of Charlevoix, MI (French or Candian?) Were there other children???????? Any info on his parents??? Very interested in Chippewa connections... I do not know what county he was born in???? I know he died in Marquette, MI but they can't find him in their files, because I only know he died Apr. 1978.:( They lived at 550 Star Route, Marquette, MI Lablance, Gertrude Birth date : Mar 18, 1926 (Step Grandparent) Iss. : MI Death date : Oct 30, 1992 SS# : 384-24-1963 Zip code of last known residence : 49855 Lablance, John Birth date : Apr 2, 1899 (My Mother's father - my Grandfather) Iss. : MI Death date : Apr 1978 SS# : 367-18-9557 Residence code : MI Zip code of last known residence : 49855 Zip code of address where death payment was sent : 49855 My name again is: Michele Howell - Dipert Email: home Any help or information appreciated!

Arleigh J. Carpenter Sun May 11 1997
My great uncle Heanen (or Haynen) CARPENTER, was a Surfman in Luce county in 1910, and was living with his wife Charlotte and her brother William PERDUE. Any information on the CARPENTERS, PERDUEs or the surfmans station would be appreciated

Danella Duncan Mon Apr 28 1997
I am looking for information on a Fred Arthur KIMMEL and his wife, Minnie C. SANDERS KIMMEL. Fred was born on November 17, 1885 in Ohio. Minnie was born on December 14, 1875 in Deep River, Poweshiek County, Iowa. Minnie died in 1930 in Newberry. They lived in Newberry, Luce County, Michigan. They also had pet reindeers! Anyone with information about this family, please e-mail me at

Brenda Jasmund Sun Mar 9 1997
Looking for any info on surname JASMUND. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Lisa Weber Tue Feb 18 1997
Looking for biological family. Father was adpoted in 1953, DOB: 3-21-44; his brother was adopted to the same family, his DOB: 3-11-45; several other children in family with unknown whereabouts? Can anyone help? We have other vital stats. (if needed). Names of brothers at birth were: Joseph Westbrook STILWELL & Douglas MacArthur Stilwell. They were born to Shirley Grace Stilwell (White) at Lee Memorial Hospital. They were adopted by Edwin Carl RUPE and Altha E. Rupe (Wright & Goodrich).

Judy Zander Sun Feb 9 06:02:08 1997
Hi All; I am looking for info about a marriage that took place in Michigan in late summer or fall of 1946. The 2 people in volved are Phil SAVARINO & Aileen FURANNA. I have not been able to trace these 2 at all. I have photo's of them but that's all. Thanks for your help.

Carol Lockman Thu Jan 30 1997
BRINING (BREUNING), Albert and August. Arrived 1880 with mother from Prussia. Albert may have gone to Canada 1st. August married Caroline FRIEDLAND of Kitchner, Ontario. Caroline's parents were Christian and Josephine (Minnie) SWARTZMEIER of Prussia. Settled in Harbor Beach on Brining Road. 10 children. MARTIN, James Moore of Rath (?) Co. Cork, Ireland. Arrived 1879 with parents Robert and Mary CAMPBELL and brother Joseph. Possibly an aunt named Janice (Janet) Martin or Campbell. Campbell, Mary -father Robert Campbell ? Sister Hannah Hubbard, brother John Cambell. Buried in Port Austin Cemetery. From Co. Down, Ireland

Lois Miller Thu Jan 16 1997
I am looking for information on Ambrose R. DAVENPORT b. abt.1771 near Richmond, Va. He was a soldier at Fort Mackinac 1796. M. Elizabeth ?. They had a farm on the bluff and raised there children there. The children included William b. abt. 1803 m. Mary DEFAULT, Nancy b. 1809 m. Caleb SIBLEY, Jane b. 1812, Henry b. 1813 m. Margaret SMITH, Susan b.1817 m. William JOHNSTON, Ambrose Jr. b. 1801 m. Susan DeCARREAU. Other names connected to this family are PERRAULT, BELLANGER, LOUISIGNEAU, ASLIN, LASLEY, DUCLON, MORRIS and HAMONN. Is anyone else researching these names?

Monica Erickson Thu Dec 5 1996
McDONALD, ALEX - searching for information on g.grandfather- 1945. Married to Bridget GALLAGHER d. 1936 in Engadine, MI

Terri Mahar Mon Sep 23 08:27:05 1996
Looking for any information on Helen Rose GLOWCYNSKI born in Michigan in 1914. Her father's name was Raymond and her mother's miden name was Rose WADE. I don't know the county but I am sure she was born in Michigan, somewhere. I have several different spellings for the last name, so I'm not sure which is the right one. GLOWEZYNSKI GLOWCZYNSKI GLOWZYNSKI ?????????? Any thing you have I would appreciate hearing about, I'm desperate, can't find any information on her except what I've told you so far. Please help. e-mail me at Thank you very much.

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